Handsfree Google Analytics for the entrepreneurs

You don’t have to open Google Analytics just to check metrics overview. Ask Alexa and it will tell you everything you need to know.

Alexa! Ask echolytics to tell overview

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Here is the overview of awesome-site.com for today, 5230 users, 103 new users, 373 sessions, 2% bounce rate, 953 page views, and 3 page views per session.

How it works?

Setting up echolytics is as simple as eating a burger. Do we have to tell you how to eat a burger?


Launch Alexa app

open your alexa app and search for echolytics in skills section

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Enable Alexa Skill

enable echolytics for your alexa devices


Link Google Analytics

sign in with your google account and allow google analytics access

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What else can you ask Alexa?

Out of the box, Echolytics provides you following commands that you can ask alexa to get your analytics overview. Here’s the list of commands you can tell alexa to get the data you need.

Current audience overview

“Ask echolytics to tell overview”

Audience overview for different timelines

“Ask echolytics to tell overview for last month”

Ready to try echolytics?

Open Echolytics in Alexa App